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Exhibition stand designers, custom exhibition stand builders
Expocentric, Exhibition stand designers, custom exhibition stand builders
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Two Storey Stands

We rise up in the vertical space.

Create maximum impact with an exhibition stand across two levels. Double decker exhibition stands not only make the most of your exhibition space, they offer multiple visual branding opportunities. Two storey exhibition stands are equipped with well-engineered decks, stairs, and channels to help showcase your brand and exhibition messaging.

Benefits of Two Storey Exhibition Stands

Floor Space

Double your usable exhibition space. Incorporating a second level into your exhibition stand design gives your stand the ability to create private areas, meeting rooms, VIP lounges and product demonstration areas, all separate from the hustle and bustle of the main floor!


Double decker stands bring increased opportunities for branding and promoting your products. The opportunities for visual branding and corporate messaging are endless, helping build strong connections with your audience.


The sheer size of a two storey exhibition stand will elevate your show presence, giving a boost to your exhibition marketing. Exhibition dominance will put your brand top of mind for all exhibition attendees.

Market Dominance

Attain a commanding position within your industry and show market dominance with an exhibition stand that can't be missed.

Make Them Stay

Extend the customer journey of the exhibition attendees by including a second level. Having extra floor space means people will stay on your stand longer which allows them to engage with your brand more effectively.

Attract On Lookers

Attract those people who would never usually visit your stand. On lookers may usually pass you by, but having increased interest in your stand they may be drawn in, even if just to see the exhibition space from a unique angle.

The benefits of the upper level of an exhibition stand are endless, the extra space enables inclusions of spaces that are custom built to suit your exhibition requirements and achieve your exhibition goals.

With a significant increase in stand floor space, we help create a unique brand experience that elevates your brand messaging in new ways.

Adding a mezzanine level to any exhibition space gives your brand multiple opportunities to capture attendees attention, time and imagination.

Common Executions

R & R

Give your loyal customers somewhere to ‘escape’ the show. Provide them with a space to come and relax. A two storey exhibition stand gives you the space to provide an R&R area for your customers.

  • Private Bar Area
  • VIP Area
  • Massage Zone

Reward your customers.


The clever use of a double deck exhibition stand can incorporate a green room. The perfect place to impress.

  • Host media conferences
  • Hold media interviews
  • Gain great imagery of the entire exhibition

Gain great publicity for your brand.

Product Reveal

Are you releasing a new product? Having a private space to ‘reveal’ your product will provide the extra WOW factor.

  • Host secret product reveals
  • Invite only demonstrations
  • Limited viewing promotions

Create some mystery and suspense!


Having a dedicated space for training and education can take up valuable floor space. Therefore adding a second level will free up floor space to include a training room into your stand design.

  • On site demonstrations
  • Product training sessions
  • Education seminars

Educate your clients.

Our Standout Double Decker Stands

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