Video Conferencing Booth


The TeleCapsule is an exciting new portable booth that delivers a private and soundproof locality to connect and meet with your customers. The booth combines contemporary design with modern technology to create a unique solution that can be utilised for infinite applications.

Video calls are here to stay.

Introducing the TeleCapsule

With global lockdown, video as a tool for communication has exponentially grown, business have seen the benefits of this communication method for interaction between customer and staff. Video is quickly becoming the new norm.


The TeleCapsule is an intuitive solution to combining the latest video technology with private meeting spaces in any location. More than just a meeting room, the TeleCapsule can be used for multiple applications where connections can be made with customer in seclusion.

With a TeleCapsule nothing will interfere with your call

Create private sanctuaries for customer connections.

Generate private meeting spaces to achieve positive spaces.

Increase productivity with less interruptions.

Transform an open plan office offering private havens.

Reduce noise disruptions with high TeleCapsule acoustic ratings.

Privacy meets functionality.

Video call from anywhere

TeleCapsule Limitless Applications

Mobile Office

Offices with TeleCapsule

Looking for a small office phone booth for important phone calls? or maybe a meeting pod for efficient team work?

Create some privacy in your workplace.

Build a workplace that can change over time.

Give your staff more private meeting spaces.

Provide a comfortable space without the costly office fit-out.

According to research over 50% of people have a hard time concentrating in open plan offices.

Shopping Centre
Privacy in Public Spaces
Clubs & Pubs
Privacy in Public Spaces
Privacy in Public Spaces
Business Lounge
Privacy in Public Spaces
Privacy in Public Spaces

Video Conferencing Pod

Venues with TeleCapsule

According to research over 50% of people have a hard time concentrating in open plan offices.

Create a private space in a public area.

Give your customers a private sanctuary within your business.

Keep your customers in your venue by providing them a solution to take calls and have meetings.

Giving your customers the opportunity to work from anywhere.

Mobile Business

Retail with TeleCapsule

Looking for a retail space but don’t need permanent retail leasing or the cost that comes with it? 

Have a retail store without the cost of building a venue or a long lease or fit-out.

Can be a short or long term solution.

While your store is being built, use the TeleCapsule in order to not lose business and to create interest.

You can buy or rent the TeleCapsule.

National Customer Service Roll-out
National Customer Service Roll-out
National Customer Service Roll-out
National Customer Service Roll-out

Mobile Business


Have a seasonal business? TeleCapsule gives you the opportunity to showcase that business and meet customers.​

Launching a new product? Want to reach customers without paying for a retail space? Here is your solution.

Give your customers a intimate demonstration which creates intrigue and exclusivity.

Eliminates the noise and distractions of a retail store for a more productive meeting.

Mobile Events

Events with TeleCapsule

Finding a quite space for a call or meeting at an event is no longer an issue.

Tele Capsule can be positioned strategically throughout your event.

Provides event organisers with an additional revenue stream as the pods can be custom branded to sponsors requirements.

TeleCapsules can be rented, installed and dismantled by our team and our team provide onsite technical support.


Mobile Health Pod

TeleHealth Pod

We work with health professionals to integrate:

Biometric and diagnostic devices allow providers to virtually monitor patient vitals in real time. Devices include stethoscopes, otoscopes, pulse oximeters, and more.

Accessible On-Site Healthcare.

Kiosks can be introduced to any worksite, retail, school system, or community location - without the cost and staffing burden of traditional on site clinics.



The TeleCapsule is a portable solution, offering flexibility to its use and placement. Move the pod to a new location when moving offices, relocate the TeleCapsule for different marketing campaigns or transport to different campuses when required. The ultimate flexibility for your investment.

Being soundproof, the TeleCapsule provides a simple destination where private conversation can happen. Chat with prospective clients in private, partake in video meetings without any background noise or eavesdropping from colleagues, have one-on-one meetings with students in confidence. Maximum focus and minimal distraction.

The TeleCapsule offers venues a chance to increase their venue occupancy and customer satisfaction. Offering customer a secluded space to retreat would make them more comfortable to stay longer and allow more people in the venue at one time.

Design your own TeleCapsule. Use brand colours, logos and messaging. The internal and external of the TeleCapsule can be customised to suit your brand or project requirements.

Stand out from the crowd with this unique and innovate product. Intrigue your customers interest in your brand and build on the customer relationship.

The TeleCapsule can be integrated to use many different systems including Insyte, the Video Help Desk. This integration offers multiple options for brands to connect with customers or students like never before.

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