COVID-19 Impacting The Event and Exhibition Industry | Press Release

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The outbreak of COVID-19 (commonly referred to as the Coronavirus) has led to extraordinary levels of confusion and anxiety among communities here in Australia. Like many businesses in the events and exhibition industry, Expo Centric is experiencing unprecedented operational disruption due to the cancellation of events and exhibitions.

The conscious decision has been made for Expo Centric to remain OPEN for business during this time. We are taking a cautious approach in running our business to mitigate the effects of the pandemic on our staff and clients.Our team is continuously monitoring the current situation related to planned events, meetings, conferences and exhibitions.

Based on input from state and federal governments, we are remaining vigilant and putting plans into place to enable us to continue our business engagements in these challenging times. Across the board Expo Centric staff have taken a voluntary 20% pay reduction for the coming months to assist in safeguarding the financial viability of the company. All Expo Centric staff are standing united in order to stay open and active in the industry. If required, our staff are fully equipped to continuing working from their homes throughout this pandemic.

Over the past 11 years Expo Centric have built up a strong workforce who are prepared and equipped to focus our business model towards less promoted services delivered by Expo Centric. Our staff are highly skilled and experienced in these additional services:


With the introduction of the governments AUD$17.5bn stimulus package, businesses can now take advantage of our extended services with the revamped instant asset write-off. The stimulus instant asset write-off allows businesses to instantly write off the purchase of new assets up to $150,000 from now till 30 June.
In response to stimulus package we are urging clients, new and existing, to take this opportunity to investigate if the purchase of high-quality retail / showroom fit-outs and exhibition elements for future use are required. Investing in these items now will not only be of benefit to your business with the instant asset write-off but offer support to Expo Centric in turbulent times.page1image3806794160

Stan Kruss