What makes us stand out

Expocentric has the look and design of traditional custom exhibition stand while having the modularity and possibilities of a system…
What you do not see is what you get!

As we fix our panels or fabrics onto our frames and not in between structures, our structure is hardly visible, leaving more space for graphics and giving it a clean design look.

As the structure is not seen, damages or scratches do not shorten the life cycle of your exhibit.

Our stands are high quality, high impact while being modular, eco friendly, reconfigurable & cost effective.

Our business model is unique where our clients do not pay high up front costs storage, crating, modification or disposal cost and they are not locked into fixed stand design.

At Expocentric, our vision is to be the best experiential marketing company in the world, as seen through the eyes of our customers, shareholders, and employees.
We expect and demand the best we have to offer by always keeping Expocentric’s values top of mind.


We stand apart from our competitors with our marketing focus and unwavering commitment to delivering on our client’s bottom line.


Our organisation is structured into
Cross-Functional Teams that operate to service individual clients within the framework of trade shows, exhibitions and events across every industry.

At Expocentric, we believe in superior efficiency and the only way to keep an eye on every detail is to be in control of the entire process end to end.


Wherever possible we cut out the middlemen and go straight to the manufacturer for the materials we require no matter where in the world they are located.


We will continually promote teamwork, quality improvement and excellence in all phases of the business.


Expocentric is committed to putting environmental sustainability at the forefront of everything we do.